ITOM Community Engagement Group



The IT Operating Model (ITOM) Community Engagement Working Group is responsible for driving the successful adoption of the ITOM recommendations by developing and executing change management and communication strategies that:  

  • factor in the goals of each recommendation 
  • take into account the variety of needs among our faculty and staff 
  • consider the benefits and implications to UCSF overall 

Each Working Group member is a champion for the ITOM recommendations and a voice for the constituents (typically faculty and staff) they represent. In addition, they serve as a point of contact when targeted engagement is needed. They can provide insights into their constituents so they can tailor change management plans and advise the Program Team about progress and/or implementation gaps. As Champions, each member serves as a change agent for the ITOM recommendations in their mission area and enterprise-wide. The estimated time commitment is 3-5 hours per month, and members rotate every 18-24 months.  

Members of the Working Group will be the first to know about the news and actions of the ITOM program. They will be provided tools, change management strategies, elements of continuous improvement, and facilitated learning sessions to deepen their knowledge. They will share their change management experiences and ideas as they collaborate with other Working Group members. 


The evidence-based change management framework known as the Prosci ADKAR Model will guide the responsibilities of the ITOM Community Engagement Working Group and is outlined below: 

  • Create awareness of the need for changes and the risks of not changing 
  • Foster in others a desire to participate in / support the changes 
  • Help others gain the knowledge they need to be successful during and after the transition 
  • Increase self and others’ abilities to implement changes and operate in the new model 
  • Reinforce and sustain the changes