Committee on Technology and Architecture (CTA)

  • CTA Wiki Page
  • Distribution Group:  [email protected]
  • Steward:  Winnie Wat
  • Standing Meeting:  CTA Roadmap Group meets the last Wednesday of the month, 10:10-11:30a; CTA EARB meets bi-weekly on Wednesday, 3:10-4p
  • Materials:  Request with IT Governance contact
  • Chair: Ed Martin
  • Membership: TBD


  • The Committee on Technology and Architecture (CTA) mission is to provide governance for UCSF's enterprise architecture, to align our enterprise technology strategy with our enterprise business strategy through a bicameral structure:  a Roadmap Group and an Enterprise Architecture Review Board (CTA-RMG and CTA-EARB).
  • CTA works in parallel to and in collaboration with other capability ITGSC committees to ensure consistency across IT Governance.
  • CTA-RMG is responsible for collaborating with the mission-specific ITGSC committees to organize artifacts about enterprise domain business strategies and roadmaps.
  • CTA-RMG utilizes the strategy and roadmap artifacts to align technology strategy through an Enterprise Architecture Review Board (CTA-EARB), a standing group with decision-making authority on platforms and technologies with enterprise impact.
  • CTA-EARB can explore and recommend technologies and advises on processes, policies, and standards required to support UCSF's enterprise architecture.
  • CTA-RMG and CTA-EARB will work together to advise and support the mission-specific ITGSC committees, including, but not limited to, a review of IT Transformation Fund Projects.   

Note: The CTA charter was approved in September 2022.  More detailed information can be found on the CTA Wiki Page, a Roadmap Group Wiki Page, or the Enterprise Architecture Review Board Wiki Page.