UCSF IT Governance operates as a collective of eight thematic subcommittees and a steering committee populated with approximately 200 members to advise on, and approve, policies, procedures and priorities for IT at UCSF. Its goal is to support the university’s strategic priorities and its community members to maximize their effectiveness in advancing health.

IT Governance manages IT innovations funds (IT Roadmap) provided by the Budget and Investment Committee and advises the CIO and senior administration on IT initiatives and capital projects. UCSF IT governance was founded in 2000 with the creation of the Administrative Systems Advisory Committee, later evolved to include an Academic Information Systems Board (AISB) and became its current representational IT Governance structure in 2010.  IT Governance reports to the Chancellor through regular written updates and an annual presentation to the Chancellors Cabinet or Chancellors Executive Team (at the Chancellor’s discretion). Annual reporting on IT Roadmap Funds allocations and project outcomes is also reported to the Budget and Investment Committee. The eight subcommittees include: 

UCSF IT Governance Guiding Principles