Committee on Communications Technology (CCT)


This committee oversees UCSF digital technologies focused on marketing, mass communication, and collaboration goals. This specifically includes: websites, email distribution, apps, and collaboration tools. The committee aims to leverage expertise across the enterprise to think holistically about how a cohesive strategy for selecting, managing, and governing digital technologies can empower UCSF to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

The Committee on Communications Technology (CCT) will support the IT Governance Steering Committee by:

  • Reviewing and approving UCSF policies, standards and best practices for communications technologies, as well as potential sanctions and appeals process for non-compliance;
  • Partnering with IT to develop and align a digital strategy with overall UCSF business objectives;
  • Approving any technology services or other mechanisms for supporting UCSF communications;
  • Advocating for a consistent, high-quality UCSF digital experience;
  • Ensuring that representatives from the CCT participate in major communications technology initiatives across the University of California; and
  • Recommending annual communications technology investment priorities to the ITGSC.

The committee meets for 90 minutes monthly to review and discuss relevant initiatives and projects. The committee will maintain interprofessional representation to achieve its charge and facilitate collaboration across the mission.