Committee on Educational Technology (CET)


The CET focuses on technologies that facilitate the effective use of learning spaces and online learning, and the financial and human resources required to support these technologies. The committee is asked to think holistically about how technology can support the integration of education in all aspects of the university’s mission including patient care, research, and advancing health worldwide.

The Committee on Educational Technology (CET) will support the IT Governance Steering Committee by overseeing educational technologies across the UCSF enterprise.  Specifically, the CET will:

• Identify, prioritize and recommend areas for expansion of technology utilization for the enhancement of UCSF instructional programs;

• Develop and align an educational technology vision and strategy with effective pedagogy, program needs, and student expectations;

• Monitor and recommend sustainable educational technology strategies;

• Identify UCSF analytic and integration services and technologies that can be used to enhance the educational mission;

• Ensure that representatives from the CET participate in educational technology initiatives across the University of California;

• Recommend annual technology investment priorities and candidates for funding with IT Roadmap funds to the ITGSC;

• Identify, prioritize and recommend UCSF technology resources that can be leveraged to meet education goals in keeping with the university’s mission.

The committee meets for 90 minutes each month to review and discuss relevant initiatives and projects. The committee will maintain interprofessional representation in order to achieve its charge and facilitate collaboration across the mission.