IT Governance Steering Committee (ITGSC)


The Information Technology Governance Steering Committee (ITGSC) provides overarching governance for the strategic direction of information technology for UCSF and ensures alignment of IT services and operations with the university’s overall strategic mission, vision and goals, and needs of end-users. Specifically, the ITGSC will:

  • Set high-level priorities and facilitate resolution of competing demands for IT resources; 
  • Ensure accountability for the delivery of IT services and infrastructure;
  • Facilitate communication and change management about IT governance, IT services and solutions across the schools, programs, campus, and UCSF Health;
  • Promote compliance with laws, statutes, and regulations relevant to our charge and ensure appropriate protection of university assets and stability of operations.
  • Review relevant policies and guide implementation standards.
  • Review and approve requests for distribution of IT Roadmap funds.
  • Review and approve IT proposals affecting multiple schools or programs as requested by IT Governance subcommittees, Chancellors Executive Team or the CIO.
  • Allocate resources in support of innovation;
  • Advocate for adoption of common IT solutions and services, as appropriate, across the enterprise;
  • Oversee the development of an enterprise roadmap for the technical architecture;
  • Oversee and direct the activities of UCSF IT Governance Sub-Committees.

The committee deliberates and makes recommendations on the alignment of IT strategies with university priorities, risk management, value delivery, performance measures and resource management. The committee has direct control over the use and distribution of IT Roadmap funds allocated by the Chancellor. The committee charge does not include oversight of UCSF IT and departmental IT operating budgets, IT hiring and appointments, and departmental IT priority setting.

UCSF IT Governance Guiding Principles

UCSF IT Governance provides a mechanism for technology strategies to be identified, proposed, reviewed, endorsed, implemented, communicated and support in order to further the mission of the university. UCSF IT Governance embraces the values of UCSF PRIDE and leads with professionalism, respect, integrity, diversity, and excellence. These values are demonstrated through:

  • Transparency:  We will be transparent in our decision-making and use of resources.
  • Communication:  We have an obligation to communicate the work of IT Governance throughout the organization.
  • Accountability:  Our committees are accountable for executing their charges and stewarding university resources appropriately.
  • Responsibility:  We are responsible for the process of strategic IT decision making and the promotion of successful outcomes across the university.
  • Diversity & Inclusion:  We promote representation in governance from all members of the UCSF community.
  • Community Focus:  The needs of the UCSF community will remain a key component of all IT decisions.
  • Collaboration:  We will advocate for the adoption of common IT solutions and identify opportunities for innovation and improvement that further the strategic goals of the university.
  • Data:  We recognize that university data is an asset and therefore support a secure but accessible data environment.

Please visit our wiki for current committee membership, meeting agenda and presentations.