Committee on Website Governance (CWG)

  • Distribution Group:  [email protected]
  • Contact:  [email protected]
  • Standing Meeting:  2nd Tuesday, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Materials:  Request with IT Governance contact
  • Chair:  Louise Chu



This committee focuses on oversight and coordination of UCSF websites to leverage expertise across the enterprise and maximize the effectiveness of each website in support of marketing and communication goals. The committee is asked to think holistically about how an enterprise website strategy can advance all aspects of the university’s mission including patient care, research, and advancing health worldwide.

The Committee on Website Governance (CWG) will support the IT Governance Steering Committee by overseeing websites across the UCSF enterprise. Specifically the CWG will:

  • Review and approve UCSF policies, standards and best practices for websites, as well as potential sanctions and appeals process for non-compliance;
  • Develop and align a digital strategy with overall UCSF business objectives;
  • Approve any services or other mechanisms for supporting UCSF’s websites;
  • Advocate for a consistent, high-quality UCSF digital experience;
  • Ensure that representatives from the CWG participate in major website initiatives across the University of California;
  • Recommend annual website investment priorities and candidates for funding with IT Roadmap funds to the ITGSC;

The committee meets for 90 minutes each month to review and discuss relevant initiatives and projects. The committee will maintain interprofessional representation in order to achieve its charge and facilitate collaboration across the mission.


Membership List

Current Appointee Unit Represented
Louise Chu, Chair University Relations
John Kealy UCSF IT, Web Services
Kenneth Newton UCSF IT, Security
Cindy Yoxsimer Campus Life Services
Paula Motte UCSF Health
Jonathan Prugh SOM Information Services Unit
Ed Chen Department of Medicine
Richard Barg Department of Surgery
Mike Panion Department of Surgery
Sarah Paris School of Medicine
Carroll Schreibman                       School of Medicine
Terri Hunter-Davis School of Dentistry
Eric Davila School of Pharmacy
Katherine Tam School of Nursing
Mattice Harris School of Nursing
Jeannine Cuevas Student Academic Affairs/ Graduate Division
Rich Trott Library
Catherine Dunn Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost
Bruce Flynn Risk Management
Tom Poon Privacy
Casey Nelson Privacy
Michelle De La Cruz Ruiz University Development & Alumni Relations
Karin Fleming Medical Education
Adam Ferguson Faculty
Sanjay Dhall Faculty
Marek Brzezinski Faculty
Mary Beth Baker UCSF IT, IT Governance