Enterprise Architecture, Applications (EAA)

Charge: To identify Enterprise Application Architecture for UCSF and assess UCSF’s IT Applications landscape and determine which systems are:

  • Key to supporting UCSF’s mission
  • May have duplicate functionality
  • Needed to support the enterprise architecture

The specific objectives of the work are to:

  • Create an applications portfolio for UCSF that identifies business areas, business data, and business processes supported
  • Identify duplicate applications and recommend schedule for consolidation and retirement of redundant systems
  • Create an enterprise architecture model that identifies a 3-5 year roadmap for applications
  • Recommend an organizational structure for supporting applications

Standing Meeting: 2nd Wednesday, 3:30 - 4:30 PM, MCB 6A

Materials: Request with IT Governance contact


Name Department
Jane Wong Business Applications
Mark Bridge Information Technology
Irene Brezman Applications
Ed Chen Central Medicine
Kevin Dale Identity and Access Managment
Donald Francis IT Administration
Ed Martin, Chair Information Technology
Erik Meeks CTSI
Isaac Sato CVRI
Mimi Sosa Information Technology
Freddie Tai Academic Information Systems
Richard Trott AIS