Current ITR Funded Projects

Look for the "Funded by IT Gov" badgeCurrently Funded ITR Projects by committee 
(as of September 2019)

Committee on Technology and Architecture

  • Cent. security event monitoring, logging and reporting
  • Data Security Compliance Program
  • Enterprise Systems Integration Services
  • Unify user acct mgmt (AD consolidation)
  • IT Application Accessibility Compliance
  • Network Access Control (NAC)
  • The IID/CLS Replacement
  • Improvements for Online Account Creation (FY20)
  • GitHub Enterprise (Secure Code Management Tool) (FY20)

Committee on Business Technology

  • Rebuild PI Portfolio Forecasting Tool in Hyperion Planning
  • On-line reconciliation tool
  • Asset Tracking and Decision Support System (Formerly named Database to enable self-funded equipment maintenance)
  • Improved invoicing for fixed price sponsored projects including clinical trials
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Perceptive Document Imaging
  • Financial Compliance and Risk Monitoring Dashboard
  • Ecommerce Solution
  • Document Management
  • Award Verification (FY20)
  • Clinical Trials Activation Tracking Dashboard (FY20)
  • Financial Management Dashboard Phase II (FY20 Quick Funds)

Committee on Education Technology

  • Education Technologies Program Plan
  • Learning and Curriculum Management Systems
  • Cultivating a Community of Makers
  • Student Education Data Solution
  • Clinical Placement Management System (FY20)
  • LMS Evaluation and Selection (FY20)
  • Volumetric Anatomical Models Using a High-Resolution 3D Scanner for Virtual Reality Learning and 3D Printing (FY20 Quick Funds)
  • Library Media Services Center (FY20 Quick Funds)
  • Campuswide licenses for common instructional tools such as Turnitin and Poll Everywhere (FY20 Quick Funds)
  • Video Platform Evaluation* (FY20 Quick Funds)

Committee on Research Technology

  • Biospecimen Banking
  • Biobanking (Phase 2)
  • Mouse Colony Management 
  • Integration of HPC Facilities
  • Cloud Proof of Concept
  • Improvements to Clincial Trials Participant Recruitment
  • A Pilot for Shared Storage to scale Wynton (UCSF's HPC Research Asset)
  • Enhancing Accessibility to and Usability of UCSF Clinical Trials Site and Data
  • Core Facility Management Software
  • EHR Recruitment Contact Management Tool (FY20)
  • Secure, Compliant Cloud Computing Services (FY20)

Enterprise Data Warehouse

  • Business and Education Reporting Solution
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse

Committee on Communications Technology

  • Web Consulting Services
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Enterprise Analytics
  • Internal Communications Tool Discovery (FY20)

Care Technology Governance Committee

  • Genomic Data Repository IT Infrastructure (FY20)

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