Current ITR Funded Projects

Currently Funded ITR Projects by committee 
(as of April 2018)

Committee on Technology and Architecture

Cent. security event monitoring, logging and rptg

Data Security Compliance Program

Enterprise Systems Integration Services

Unify user acct  mgmt (AD consolidation)

IT Application Accessibility Compliance

Network Access Control (NAC)

The IID/CLS Replacement 

Committee on Business Technology

Rebuild PI Portfolio Forecasting Tool in Hyperion Planning

On-line reconciliation tool

Asset Tracking and Decision Support System (Formerly named Database to enable self-funded equipment maintenance)

Improved invoicing for fixed price sponsored projects including clinical trials

Conflict of Interest

Perceptive Document Imaging

Financial Compliance and Risk Monitoring Dashboard

Ecommerce Solution

Document Management

Committee on Education Technology

Education Technologies Program Plan

Learning and Curriculum Management Systems

Cultivating a Community of Makers

Student Education Data Solution

Committee on Research Technology

Biospecimen  Banking

Biobanking (Phase 2)

Mouse Colony Management 

Integration of HPC Facilities

Cloud Proof of Concept

Improvements to Clincial Trials Participant Recruitment

A Pilot for Shared Storage to scale Wynton (UCSF's HPC Research Asset)

Enhancing Accessibility to and Usability of UCSF Clinical Trials Site and Data

Core Facility Management Software

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Business and Education Reporting Solution

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Committee on Website Governance

Web Consulting Services

Digital Accessibility

Enterprise Analytics

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