Application Process

Look for the "Funded by IT Gov" badge!UCSF IT Governance offers one-time funds to the UCSF community for the implementation of technology solutions. Two types of funds are available: Core Innovation Funds and Quick Funds. Proposals may be submitted via the open proposal site for Core Innovation Funds in even calendar years. Proposals may be submitted to domain-specific IT Subcommittees at any time.

Fund Pool


Core Innovation Funds

  • Large-scale projects over $100,000 in scope
  • Greater than 6 months to complete and require project governance
  • Open call in July of each even calendar year
  • Budget allocation in July of following odd calendar year
  • Apply through the related IT Governance subcommittee. For a list of the subcommittee, their charge and contact information, visit the IT Governance home page.
  • Application process outlined below. 

Quick Funds

  • Small projects under $100,000 in scope
  • Less than 6 months to complete
  • Proposals accepted year-round through the appropriate IT Governance subcommittee. For a list of the subcommittee, their charge and contact information, visit the IT Governance home page.
  • Application process outlined below.


Core Innovation Funds

Timeframe Action
Even Calendar Years
Sep - Oct
  • Open Proposal site available
  • Develop Letter of Intent describing scope and benefits submitted to domain specific subcommittee
  • Submit Letter of Intent to appropriate subcommittee through Open Proposal site
Nov - Dec
  • Subcommittees evaluate Letters of Intent
  • Subcommittees select 2-4 for further proposal development
  • Proposal development workshops offered to proposal authors
Odd Calendar Years
  • Proposals submitted for public comment through UCSF OpenProposal
February - March
  • Proposals available for review and comment on UCSF OpenProposal
  • Subcommittees review proposals and select final submissions to IT Governance Steering Committee
April - May
  • IT Governance Steering Committee reviews proposal and finalizes selection
  • Finalize and announce awards
  • Awardees prepare documentation for funding release
  • Budget Office releases funds

Evaluation Criteria

All funding proposals are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Strategic Alignment: Positions UCSF as a leader and innovator in a core mission area with alignment to the Chancellor’s Priorities
  • Operations Impact: Addresses a critical operational need
  • Financial Impact: Results in substantial positive financial impact (cost savings, cost avoidance or revenue generation).
  • Stakeholder Impact: Has broad impact on constituents in the proposing domain. Note: proposal that impact one department, program or school are considered to have lower impact and should be funded locally.
  • Co-Investment: Proposal includes support from another source, either direct financial resources or in-kind support. Proposal must also include a plan for funding ongoing maintenance and operational support of the solution.

Proposal Support Available

  • Campus Program Management Office (PMO) will offer an optional workshop to help teams prepare proposals selected by subcommittees for further development. The workshops will cover:
    1. Support on developing clear, concise and complete project proposals and the mechanics of building a good project budget and work plan; and
    2. Group coaching.
  • For funded proposals, the PMO will a conduct a final review of project planning documents (scope, plan, budget) before release of ITR funds.