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UCSF Identity Guidelines for Web Developers

Follow these guidelines to design sites consistent to UCSF.Make it clear that your site is part of UCSF.

UCSF Banner

Official UCSF websites must have a UCSF banner at top. (see clarification on official vs.non official) The banner comes in four color choices. Download the banner here with instructions.

Web Fonts

All web page content should be in these sans-serif web fonts, ordered as such: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica.

Graphic Type

Graphic type options - for creating images -  include Helvetica Neue and Bodini. If Helvetica Neue and Bodini are not on your computer, follow these instructions on acquiring both web and graphic type fonts.

Web Colors

The approved primary and secondary web colors below, were designed to match the UCSF print palette.

UCSF web palette

UCSF Logos


High resolution UCSF logos, including the signature and tagline, can be downloaded here:

UCSF Signature

The UCSF signature is the official emblem of the school for internal and external use. Consult the UCSF Identity Guidelines for spacing requirements and colors. The signature has three tiers: UCSF, UCSF with a department, and UCSF with a department plus unit.

3 tiers

A smaller version, shown below, is available for Tier 1. Contact Public Affairs for a digital file. 

small signature

Related Identity

Only two UCSF sub brands - Medical Center and Children's Hospital - may be combined with the UCSF logo:

sub brands

Co-branding with a Primary Partner

The UCSF Identity Guidelines includes signature examples for a primary partner relationship, a co-equal partnership and UCSF as a supporting partner. Below is an example of a co-equal partner logo. Here the two identities are kept separate with a line.

Salesforce at UCSF

The Seal seal

The UC Regents provide guidelines on the use of the California Seal. Download the Seal here.

UCS Tagline

The UCSF tagline is reserved for the UCSF homepage. It is not to be placed on unit sub-sites. Only after approval by UCSF Public Affairs, may it be used on external and internal communications. (find out more)

Page Size

The recommended web page width is 960 pixels.


All official UCSF webpages must include a copyright notice, which is generally in the footer. This needs to reference the Regents of the University of California, as well as a date. The date can be represented in either a date range or as last updated.